Air Conditioning & HVAC

With highly qualified technicians we can identify problems in your AC system effectively and offer solutions at very competitive prices. Again, we eliminate all trial and error practices. Just press the Auto button and enjoy the ultimate comfort your car has to offer after your AC system has been attended to by us.

What we do:

  • ✔ Identify AC issues reported using our precision test rig
  • ✔ Isolate the faulty component and check the same individually to confirm failure and identify reason
  • ✔ Repair or replace the faulty part and perform a complete pressure test
  • ✔ Vaccum and refill fresh refrigerant, clean pollen filters and let you enjoy the comfort of an ultra pure HVAC system


Engine Work

Do your brakes feel spongy? Do you think it lacks bite? Does your brake pedal shudder when you slam the brakes at speeds? Your braking system definitely needs attention.  Brake inspection is an important safety procedure and is carried out as per the manufacturer's recommended intervals.  This is also covered in our Signature Service Packages.

What we do:

  • ✔ understand the need for an engine rebuild
  • ✔Dismantle parts as per factory procedure
  • ✔ Measure each and every component for specification limits
  • ✔ Rebuild with original parts with perfect tolerances


BodyWork & Painting

We know the feeling of seeing that dent or damaged paint on your car.  Ahh, not at all pleasant. Let us help you take that nasty scar off your car and restore it to its original beauty. We offer advanced and conventional methods of body repairs using the best of materials cost effectively. Original surface finish and shade match are assured.


General Service

General Service is the most effective method of car preventive maintenance. IgNite's signature service packages are tailored for actual driving conditions and fuel. They are exhaustive and cover more check points and areas of inspection than most manufacturers car service schedules. Generally, this is all you need to keep your car performing like new.

What we do:

  • ✔ Check and replace engine oil, oil filter and air filter element
  • ✔ Check all drive belts, hoses for frays, nicks and cuts
  • ✔ Inspect suspension parts for wear, loose bolts and condition of gaiters
  • ✔ Check electrical systems
  • ✔ Check wiper blades
  • ✔ Top up coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid
  • ✔ Check brake pads for wear and tear
  • ✔ Thorough road test before and after service